how to delete apps on iphone that are hidden

iPhones are known for their enhanced security features. If you own an iPhone and want to delete the hidden apps from it, you have reached the right page. The fact is, there is no such thing as a hidden app on an iPhone. Since you cannot find a few apps on your iPhone’s home screen, you may think they are hidden. This brief guide lists three different ways to delete the “hidden” apps on your iPhone.

How To Delete A Hidden App On iPhone
Using Spotlight

Using the Spotlight search, you can quickly locate a hidden app and delete it from your iPhone. Here is the detailed procedure.

  • Swipe down the Home screen and enter the name of the application you want to delete.
  • When it shows you the results, long-press the app’s icon and tap Delete> App> Delete.

How To Delete A Hidden App On iPhone
Via Settings

On the Settings screen, you can find a list of all the installed apps. It shows you both Apple and third-party applications. Here are the steps to remove the unnecessary applications.

How To Delete A Hidden App On iPhone
  • On your iPhone, go to the Settings screen and tap General.
  • Tap iPhone Storage and wait until it shows you the installed applications.
  • Tap the app you want to remove.
  • Confirm your decision by tapping Delete App.

How To Delete A Hidden App On iPhone
Via The App Library

On your iPhone, you can also delete an app via the App Library. It shows you all the installed apps in alphabetical order. Here is the procedure for you.

  • On your iPhone’s home screen, swipe left.
  • When it shows you the App Library, you can see all the installed apps. You just need to locate the app you don’t want and long press on it. Then tap Delete> App> Delete.
  • One thing you should remember while deleting an app via App Library is if you press and hold the app’s icon, you can select the Delete App option. But, if you press the app name and drag it, it duplicates the app’s icon on the Home Screen. This will lead to several icons of the same app on your iPhone’s home screen.
  • Therefore, perform the correct procedure when you delete an app via App Library.

In this manner, you should delete a hidden app on your iPhone. For further questions and clarifications, reach our technical experts for assistance.

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