If the Avast antivirus fails to meet all your needs, you might want to uninstall it from your PC. You would have come across many antivirus programs compatible with your computer. If you want to test a new antivirus, then you need to uninstall Avast completely. After you remove it from your computer, Avast can be quite stubborn and refuse to be deleted completely. Here, we'll show you how you can Avast Antivirus Uninstall completely from your computer. After removing, please don't leave your PC without antivirus because, without antivirus, your device will be in danger. So, install any other antivirus.

Follow the methods given below to Avast uninstall and its leftovers from your PC.

Avast removal tool

How to Avast Antivirus Uninstall from Your PC?

Method 1

The most common way to uninstall the Avast antivirus and its components is here: 

  • Open the Avast antivirus on your computer by clicking the Menu button at the user interface. 
  • From the drop-down menu, go to Settings.
  • Select the General tab from the Settings window and click the Troubleshooting tab from the sub-menu. 
  • Uncheck the Self-Defense mode off by clicking the checkbox.
  • A warning message will pop up. Continue and click OK.
  • Close Avast antivirus
  • Now, move to the Control Panel by clicking the Start menu, going to Settings, and typing Control Panel in the search bar. 
  • Click on Programs, then go to Programs and Features.
  • Look for the Avast app and select it. Right-click on it for uninstall option; when the Uninstall option appears, click it to begin the uninstall process.
  • You need to click on OK to confirm the action in the configuration window.
  • The process will start immediately and will take some time, to delete all the Avast files distributed throughout the system.
  • As the process completes, Avast Setup will prompt you to Restart your system.

Method 2

If the above method seems harder and it takes time, then try a special utility, Avastclear, to delete Avast applications in a proper way.

Avast uninstall utility

Every antivirus comes along with its removal utility.

  • Launch the official Avast website and download avastclear.exe. 
  • Open it via the "Run as administrator" option.
  • Start Windows in Safe Mode. 
  • In the next window, Run the utility and specify the location of the Avast program files.
  • Once everything is fine, click Uninstall.
  • You need to wait until the process is over; it takes few minutes. 
  • Once it is completed, you will be prompted to restart your system.

Method 3

To uninstall Avast, you can also use third party programs that are customized for uninstalling.

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