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Uninstalling Dropbox From Mac - 3 Ways

How To Remove Dropbox From Mac without deleting files

This section will guide you on removing Dropbox without deleting your important files. Remember that uninstalling Dropbox will not remove the files stored on the web.

  • Before starting, open the default browser on your Mac.
  • Go to the official Dropbox site and sign in to your account.
  • Click your profile image and select Settings.
  • In the Security tab, navigate to the Devices section.
  • Pick the device you want to unlink from Dropbox and click the Trash icon.
  • If prompted, confirm your action to unlink the device from your account.
  • Next, go to the Dropbox menu and click on your profile image.
  • Select the Preferences option and navigate to the Sync tab.
  • Under Select Sync, click the Choose folders button and deselect the folder you want to desync with Dropbox.
  • Now, open Finder and click the Dropbox icon in the Applications folder.
  • Drag and drop the Dropbox app to Trash.

You have now learned how to uninstall Dropbox on Mac without losing your files.

Uninstall Dropbox Completely From Mac

  • Close the Dropbox app if you have it running in the background. To do so, click the Dropbox icon and select the Quit option.
  • To remove the folders created by Dropbox, go to Finder >> Go >> Home.
  • Alternatively, use the Shift + Command + H shortcut keys to go to the folders created by Dropbox.
  • Pick all the files and move them to Trash.
  • To remove the remnant files from your Library folders, open Finder and use the Shift + Command + G shortcut keys.
  • Click Go to open the Library folder and then select the Dropbox files and folders like Cookies, Cache, Containers, Group containers, Preferences, Launch agents, and much more.
  • Next, move all the selected files to Trash.
  • Restart your Mac and check if you have completely removed Dropbox from your Mac.

Reset Dropbox Account Settings

If you want to reset all the settings in the Dropbox app instead of removing it from your Mac, follow these steps.

  • First, open the Finder app.
  • Next, press the Shift + Command + G shortcut keys and type ‘~/.dropbox’ in the dialog box that appears.
  • Click Go and select all the files in the folder that opens.
  • Move all the items to the Trash folder or use the Command + Delete shortcut keys.
  • This will reset all the settings in the Dropbox app.

You have now seen How To Uninstall Dropbox on Mac. For further queries, reach our technical experts through the call option on this page. We ensure a quick response.