Due to the fast-growing pace of the gaming industry, people have started to sit in front of the screen for long hours. They want to explore new games that are launched recently in the market. If you have a fully functional PS4 console, you can downluninstall ps4 gamesoad the games from a mobile device or the PlayStation. There are so many games, but the memory of the consoles is not so large enough to store all the data; the best option to continue enjoying the games that you are so passionate about is to erase the useless data or games from your console. Uninstalling games on PS4 might sound crazy, but if you have made the decision, To know How to Delete games on PS4 follow the simple steps to make it easy to uninstall ps4 games.

Delete Games on PS4?

Steps For How To Delete Games On PS4

Know How Much Space These Games Are Taking Up:

Follow this path (from the Home screen) to know how much space your games are occupying.

Settings >> System Storage Management >> Applications

To know How to uninstall games on PS4, read below.


The following steps will apply if you want to uninstall games from your library.

  • Navigate to the icon for the game that you want to Uninstall.
  • It will be found in the quick Start main menu or library.
  • While highlighting the icon, make sure that you press the Options button on your controller.
  • Scroll down to Delete.
  • Confirm your selection process by pressing the OK button.
  • You can see this message - This application will be deleted from the PS4.


  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Select Storage.
  • Choose System Storage.
  • Select Extended Storage if you have attached an external hard drive to your PS4.
  • From the System Storage window, click on Applications.
  • In the next window, press Options on your controller, and then choose Delete.
  • Shortlist the number of games you want to delete at this time.
  • Check the boxes and then click on Delete.
  • Confirm the same by pressing the OK button.
  • Now, your games will be Deleted.

By following the above simple steps, you can easily find How to Delete games on PS4. If you have any doubts about the uninstallation process, do call our technicians. You can also get to know about How To Uninstall Unreal Engine.