Steps On How To Disable Windows Defender

Windows Defender is an in-built anti-spyware program that comes along with your Windows operating system. It runs in the background and then protects your system from threats and any other malicious software that tries to harm your system. In some scenarios, you might have to Turn-Off or Stop Windows Defender from your computer. In this article, we’ve clearly explained the same. Like any other in-built software, it is not possible to permanently uninstall Windows Defender, but you can disable it from working; if you want to Uninstall it permanently, then you should try some trusted third-party software.Now, let’s walk through the simple steps on How To Disable Windows Defender using Windows Security on your Windows 10 computer.

disable microsoft defender
  • Click on Start and look for Windows Security.
  • From the results, click on Windows Security to open the app.
  • Look for Virus & threat protection and click on it.
  • Under the "Virus & threat protection settings," select the Manage settings option.
  • Under Real-time protection, you will find that a small button is displayed. Slide it to the opposite direction to turn off Real-time protection. This action will disable Windows Defender temporarily on your computer.
  • After this procedure, the default antivirus will be temporarily disabled.
  • But remember this point: whenever you restart the computer, the Microsoft Defender Antivirus will automatically be enabled.
  • This might not be a permanent solution. But it is the best option to disable the protection to make system changes or install a program that the system would usually block.

Now you must have known How to Disable Windows Defender on your computer even though you cannot completely uninstall the software from your system. In case you do have any questions regarding the procedure on this page, just click the CALL button located on this page itself. By doing this, you will get remote assistance from our tech team.